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Every year, from 12 noon on the 6th of July until midnight on the 14th of July, the city of Pamplona celebrates the Fiesta de San Fermín, when the old city resounds with unending and reverberating music, when dancing through the streets becomes the mode of public transportation, and when the unpredictable becomes the norm! Morning bullruns in Pamplona have made the San Fermín Fiesta famous worldwide! Tourists flood the city from all parts of the globe, causing the population of the town to NEARLY double during this time. But, there is so much more to the San Fermín Festival than just wild bulls running through the cobblestone streets of Pamplona! In honor of San Fermin, the patron saint of Navarra province, there are many other traditions that happen throughout the week - some religious and some not-at-all-religious! The Festival is literally a 24 hour/day experience with activities for all ages to enjoy! And, yes, the sanfermines are a great "family fiesta" - you will see family members from 9 days old to 99 years young.....all having the time of their lives!! In Pamplona, be prepared to expect some of your most unforgettable travel experiences, ever!!

The "Running of the Bulls" takes place every morning at 8am, starting on July 7th, through and including the 14th. Very few people on the ground level get to see the bullrun (the buildings are tall and the few open areas with barricades are crowded dozens of spectators deep - many tourists leave Pamplona without having been able to see an actual bullrun) so renting a balcony is highly recommended, if you are serious about seeing a bullrun! Nightly bullfights occur in the bullring, called the Plaza de Toros, beginning each evening at 6:30pm. Tickets are almost always sold out in advance. Scalping does occur around the Plaza de Toros, but this practice is illegal in Pamplona, and too many unsuspecting tourists are sold counterfeit tickets. So, securing your tickets in advance is also recommended - we can get a maximum of about 35 tickets for each day's bullfights. Hotel rooms are sold out nearly a year in advance, but there are many private apartments and rooms available through María and her large extended family - secure your reservations early to ensure that you will not be sleeping on a park bench with no bathroom facilities! The San Fermin fiesta is intense, world-famous and should be on your "bucket list" - it is truly a family festival for the citizens of Navarra, and the locals in Pamplona claim that their fiesta is the most fun you will ever have with your clothes on! For information or answers to any questions you may have, please send an email to Maria.

We'll see you at the sanfermines, 2023!