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Bull fight tickets are hard to obtain once you get to Pamplona - especially during the Fiesta. Beginning on July the 7th, bullfights are held every evening in the Plaza de Toros in the old city of Pamplona. Scalping of tickets is illegal and too many unsuspecting tourists are sold worthless, counterfeit tickets in this manner. BEWARE of persons roaming in front of the Plaza de Toros, who sell their bullfight tickets very "cheap" - too many tourists find out too late that these "cheap" tickets are indeed FAKE copies and totally worthless!! Unfortunately, after the sale, the crooks who steal your euros are nowhere to be found!

María will be happy to take your requests now for bullfight tickets. She does not require that you buy a package of travel and lodging from her to obtain tickets. You will receive an email confirmation of your tickets and a voucher (sent by email attachment) to use to pick up your tickets in Pamplona. We have an office on Calle Tejería in the old city where you will pick up your bullfight tickets on the date of your bullfight reservations. When contacting María for tickets, please indicate how many tickets you would like and on which evening(s) you would like to attend the bullfights. You will receive an email reply, indicating if tickets are available and how much each ticket will cost. This is the most convenient and safest way to obtain tickets to see the bullfights. Our bullfight tickets are all RESERVED seats in the SHADE side of the bullring or NON-reserved seats in the "SUN SIDE" of the bullring. We guarantee that our tickets are authentic and real! Contact María at: maria@bullbalcony.com