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The "Running of the Bulls" event is known as the 'encierro' and has a long tradition in Pamplona and the Fiesta of SanFermin. The bulls run every morning at 8am from July 7 to July 14. Getting a good spot to watch the run from the street is extremely difficult as there are tall buildings and many barriers on both sides of the narrow streets. There are very few street spots with any view at all and these fill up well before 6am and very few street spectators get to see the actual bull run. Many leave Pamplona without having seen a running.

Even if you plan on running, it is suggested that you watch at least one bullrun before you participate in the actual event. Renting a balcony spot is the best way to get a clear view of the run without fighting the unforgiving crowds. We have many balcony spots available each day, including many great spots for watching 'la curva' at the corner of Estafeta and Mercaderes - the famous "Dead Man's Curve" where many wild collisions occur. Balconies for watching the bullruns are very limited and go fast, so don't delay. If you think you may want a balcony spot, go ahead and submit your request now. Email Maria right away! Tell her the day you would like to watch the running of the bulls and how many balcony spots you will need. We will get back to you with information regarding the exact location, balcony level and pricing. Once your balcony reservations are confirmed, an "e-ticket" will be sent to you, via email attachment, indicating clearly your balcony location. We do not require that you arrange a 'package' through us to arrange your balcony reservations. Contact María at: